What's new?

Interest rates continue to stay at record low levels which helps to make NOW one of the best times
ever to build that new home you have been dreaming about.  Recently, we were involved in a
transaction for a 30 year fixed rate mortgage at 4.675% with no points and the total bank fees
were $800.  That's a great deal and similar ones are still available.

In addition to helping you find the perfect location, designing your very own custom home, and
building your dream home, we can even help find the best mortgage deal for you!

What we can do for you:
Offer new technology and high tech building solutions
Provide access and information to the latest in new building
products and trends
Bring environmentally friendly products and building techniques to
any project
Design-Build services to meet the most demanding needs and
desires of our clients

We are a small family-owned business big on experience, knowledge and integrity.  Our specialty is
working owner to owner.  Many of our past clients are professionals who own and operate their
own businesses.  They often prefer to deal directly with the owners of the companies they do
business with.

Working with owners and designers we try to incorporate
Green Building practices into all
structures we build, depending on the client's needs and desires.
 Green Building
incorporates as many of the following as possible:

  • Disaster Mitigation (hurricane, wind, rain, storm surge protection, fire retardant
  • Healthy-Building Design (whole-building fresh-air replacement system and
    dehumidifier, low-noise ventilation fans, efficient HVAC filters, etc.
  • Healthy Construction Components (low VOC paints and adhesives,
    formaldehyde-free materials, etc.)
  • Universal Access Design (barrier-free, HC accessible baths and cabinetry)
  • Energy Efficient Structure
  • Energy Efficient Appliances and Equipment (including lighting)
  • Renewable-Resource Products (flooring, roofing, solar water heating, rain-
    water recovery and storage for irrigation, recycled-content materials, etc.)
  • Native Vegetation Landscaping Design (including permeable paving surfaces)
  • Termite Prevention System (other than traditional liquid soil treatment)

For more information on Green Building Standards visit the
Florida Green Building Coalition, Inc. web site at:
Clark Family Builders, LLC
is a
Member of the